Our second Arts Award Sharing Session

MK Gallery Arts Award Adviser, Sophie Bennett, describes our second Sharing Session of the summer season:

Our Arts Award journey continued on Saturday as we met for our second Sharing Session of the season to find out about artists! We explored the exciting Townley and Bradby exhibition A Game Played in the Gallery Over Two Days, currently showing in the Project Space. The children were so excited by what they found; a den, little toys, technology, plants and stones that had been painted on. We then came up with words to describe some of the things they discovered or felt whilst exploring the exhibition. Some of my favourites included experimental, fun, shapes, alive and somewhere to hide. The group couldn’t believe that the exhibition was created by children and that they were a family of artists.

We then had the opportunity to interview an artist called Betsy from the artist duo Kaleidoworks, and watch some of their thought-provoking video art. Everyone was fascinated, and sometimes a little confused, by the animations of moving leaves, running water and changing colours. They asked Betsy some fantastic questions about her art such as ‘What inspires you?’ and ‘How do you come up with ideas?’ followed by my personal favourite question of ‘How much do you get paid?’! Thank you Betsy for being so honest with your answers and helping the group with their Arts Award journeys.

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