Learning Team launches The Green Town Group artist-led outdoor learning project

MK’s green spaces. Aerial view, courtesy The Parks Trust. Photo: Steve Carey

MK’s green spaces. Aerial view, courtesy The Parks Trust. Photo: Steve Carey

This week we’re writing to Milton Keynes primary schools inviting them to be part of The Green Town Group, a pilot programme of artist-led activity designed to test new approaches to outdoor learning. Schools’ expressions of interest need to reach the gallery by the deadline of Tuesday 1 December 2015. You can read more about the programme HERE on our website.

The Green Town Project has been conceived in relation to City Club – our major artists’ commission addressing the public realm around MK Gallery in the context of our expansion.  Just to recap, City Club, is a concept framework ‘borrowed’ from an ambitious unrealised project in the original MK Masterplan (the c.1970 strategy document that informed the design and development of Milton Keynes). We’ve commissioned artists Nils Norman and Gareth Jones to revisit the City Club vision to bring to life a proposal for a new type of social space for Milton Keynes.  Norman and Jones will be sharing the results of their initial researches in a presentation at MK Gallery on 10 December 2015.

City Club will comprise three main elements; a garden, piazza and playground.  These elements, and their associated links (landscape, place-making, outdoor learning, gardening, environment, public art, architecture and play), inform our artistic and learning programmes between now and reopening MK Gallery in 2017.

The Green Town Group project addresses the proposed garden element of City Club and the historical positioning of green spaces within Milton Keynes.   Externally perceived as a town designed for the car and indoor artificial ‘experiences’, Green Town Group will focus on the many green spaces and pockets of woodland around Milton Keynes, supporting children and families to respond to, and engage with, their local natural environments.  By exploring the relevance of art and nature to their everyday lives the programme will, in turn, act as consultation for the development of a centralised green space as part of the City Club vision, and inform and underpin a new long-term MK Gallery Learning Strategy, including a focus on learning outdoors.



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