Boyd & Evans support Gallery Expansion

Photo: Peter Ryan

Photo: Peter Ryan

“As long established members of the artist community of Milton Keynes we wholeheartedly welcome the proposals for MK Gallery renovation and expansion. Residents of MK for 33 years, and internationally practising artists since 1968, we feel well placed to comment. Additionally we advised on the original MK Gallery development, and held a solo show there in 2005. During its first 15 years of operation we’ve seen the enormous difference that MK Gallery has made to the cultural life of this city as well as the perception of the city in the wider world. We see an overwhelming case for expansion and the gallery’s even greater potential to serve the city and region with enlarged and enhanced facilities. We are really excited by the prospect of the increased gallery spaces allowing an even broader range of exhibitions, bringing in an even wider audience, and the opportunity to inspire yet more emerging artists by having first hand access to world class art.”  Boyd & Evans

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